Who Pays for What

Who Pays for What

The bride's parents traditionally pay for:

Invitations, including printing and postage
Order of service sheets
Any other wedding stationary
Bride's dress and all accessories, including shoes, hair, make-up etc.
The attendants clothing
Transport for the bride
Flowers for the church
Music for the ceremony
wedding reception
Wedding cake
Gratuities etc.
The bride Usually chooses gifts for her attendants, however as a gesture they are usually paid for by the groom. The bride will also pay for her going away outfit and sometimes a gift for the groom.

The groom and Family traditionally pays for:

The engagement and wedding rings
Any engagement announcement
All personal flowers of the bridal party
Fees and expenses for the church or registry office
The grooms hire and his attendants
Transport for himself
Gifts for the attendants
The honeymoon

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While this is what traditionally happened, there is no hard and fast rule that says it must be like this. Work out with your fiance who is paying for what. You should feel comfortable with whatever you decide. If you feel uncomfortable asking your parents or other family members to contribute a lot of money, talk this through and try to reach an amicable agreement between everyone.

The run up to the wedding is very stressful and while you may be excused for losing your cool sometimes, your family and your new family will be around after the wedding and will remember all that you have said.