Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers International was founded in May 1963 by Jan Nidetch.

Since its inception 36 years ago, Weight Watchers has thought more than 25 million members how to lose weight.

Currently, approximately one million members attend one of 29,000 weekly Weight Watchers meetings in 29 Countries worldwide.

The Weight Watchers programme is a state of the art, scientifically designed approach to weight control. Based on the philosophy that dieting alone is not a solution for long-term weight management, the Weight Watchers programme is a multi-dimensional, comprehensive way to learn how to lose weight.

It incorporates healthy eating, physical activity, behavioural support, maintenance, and group support.

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The programme affirms that to lose weight safely and sensibly, a person must learn to eat more healthy, increase physical activity and handle the challenges encountered in the process of changing behaviour.

The Weight Watchers Programme and Services include: The points food system plus a maintenance programme.

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Weight Watchers
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