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Inner Circle Healing Centre offers Alternative and Complementary Therapies that are holistic, effective, safe and stress reducing. All our therapies treat at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and leaves the person with a feeling of well being.


Holistic Massage is an ancient art that is hundreds years old. Massage can create deep relaxation and a state of well-being. I can also aide in the elimination of toxins and release of stress.

1 hr 20min_________________________30.00


This type of massage works on muscles that are chronically knotted and tense. It loosens up joints, improves circulation in the affected areas.

1 hr_______________________________30.00


Upper back muscles, shoulders, neck and scalp are worked on relieving tension and strain. Indian Head Massage relieves sinus problems, alleviates headaches, scalp tightness thus improving the circulation.

30 mins____________________________20.00


Ideal for athletes that are in training. Used in pre and post sports events this type of massage can speed up recovery and improve performance.

1 hr_______________________________25.00


A form of massage designed to stimulate lymph and venous flow without increasing the arterial flow, enable ling the reduction of oedemas and swelling of joints like fingers, knees and ankles, pain is calmed, bruises can be prevented, healing is speeded up and scars are minimised. There is strong evidence that it strengthens the immune system. Relaxation benefits can be profound.

30-40 mins_________________________20.00


Using beautiful essential oils from flowers, fruits and plants in combination with massage aromatherapy can be an enjoyable experience. Oils are blended to suit the particular needs of each individual, bringing about deep relaxation and melting away of strain and stress, living the person relaxed and refreshed.

1 hr_______________________________35.00


Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive and revitalizing therapy. All organs and glands have corresponding reflexes on the feet, which by stimulation can have a profound effect on health and well-being. Reflexology is a powerful antidote to stress. Its effects therefore are profound when one considers that over 75% of illnesses are stress related. Stress erodes the immune system, depletes the body’s vital nutrients and restricts the flow of blood and energy.

1 hr_______________________________20.00


Reiki is an ancient art of using universal life force to activate our potential for self-healing. Reiki strengthens our intuition, relieves stress, releases emotional blockages and induces deep relaxation to activate the body’s ability to heal itself. Reiki always adjusts to the needs of the receiver, detoxifies the body, and invigorates the energy system. Receiving Reiki is a profoundly relaxing experience as it flows deep into the body, healing ailments at many levels.

1 hr_______________________________20.00


Is an ancient Chinese Therapy, patients are treated by inserting very fine needles into particular points along the meridian energy channels of the body. The therapy unblocks and balances the flow of energy, thus increasing the vitality and well being of the patient.

25.00_____________________________per session


A native American Indian Treatment, the candles are made from 100% unbleached cotton, coated with bees wax. Candling works through simple laws of science. A vacuum is created by the warm air from the flame and the colder existing air, moving through the hollow chamber. This may remove light weight particles from the outer ear. The benefits of ear candling improves hearing and vision, heightened sense of taste and smell, mental clarity, reduced sinus fluid, better lymphatic circulation, alleviated vertigo, tinnitus ( which originates from the brain ), reduced stress and headaches, migraines, relief of tension in the jaw.

30-40 min__________________________20.00


Is based on the Japanese form of Shiatsu Massage using acupressure applied to the back, arms, shoulders, head and neck. The client is seated in an ergonomically designed chair to maximise support for the body and providing ease of access for the therapist. The massage aims to effectively reduce tension and stiffness without being soporific, thereby leaving clients relaxed but energised and ready to work. Seated Acupressure Massage reduces muscle tension, lowers blood pressure and pulse count, increases energy and concentration, and induces a state of relaxation and creates a general sense of well being by balancing the body systems.

20 mins____________________________15.00

Inner Circle Healing Centre also provides other therapies such as;

Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy / Integrated Energy Therapy
/ Body Harmony / Stress Management / Re-Birthing / Chiropody

If you are looking for any other therapy besides the ones above, we would be delighted to refer other qualified threrapists.

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Monday to Saturday: 10:00am – 9:00pm

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